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The main types of stair lifts are straight, curved, outdoor (straight or curved), standing (straight or curved), and platform. Each type of stairlift Singapore installation is intended to interact with a specific type of stairs or other situations in which the customer requires a specific kind of mobility.

Straight Stair Lift

A straight stair lift is the easiest and most cost-effective type of stair lift. This stair lift is set up straight alongside a totally straight stair. Some usual advantages and attributes of straight stair lifts consist of the ability to be set up on either side of a staircase, a retracting rail and seat, and footrest and armrests that fold when not in use. Straight stair lifts frequently have the option of a power swivel so you can be automatically and safely transferred to the base at the top of the stairs.

If you have a straight stair, it should be rather uncomplicated to install a stairlift that runs along a straight rail. These most commonly have seats (stationary or drop-down) attached. Due to the fact that straight stairlifts are the most convenient type to mount, they are also the most affordable. Conceivable concerns: Slim staircases might not appropriate.

Seated stairlifts for curved staircases

If a stairlift goes around a corner, it’s categorized as curved. Curved stairlifts need bespoke curved rails to fit the precise form of your stairs, so they’re more costly. As a rough guide, each added corner increases the preliminary cost.

A curved stair lift is tailored to your individual stairs given that it follows the unique curve of the stairs. As a result, this kind of stair lift is substantially pricier. Curved stair lifts can adhere to a variety of specific demands, such as stairs that include multiple floors, stairs with a landing between floorings, and even intricate spiral staircases. Like straight stair lifts, curved stair lifts are likewise typically furnished with a foldable seat, footrest, and armrests and either a power swivel alternative or the capability to halt straight on a landing. Simple and instinctive controls are additionally standard.

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Weight Capacity

You will constantly want to take into consideration who will be utilizing the stairlift when making your acquisition. The stairlift you choose will depend on who will make use of the stairlift. If the stairlift will be used by greater than one person, it’s advisable to opt for a design with the greatest weight capacity. This implies it will be able to accommodate more individuals.


If you do decide to purchase a stairlift, you will require to bear in mind that regular maintenance will be required to make sure its safety and longevity.